The New Rooftop Handrail from christian joson on Vimeo.

check out the new rail at republic wake park


Catch me if you can - Max’s USA cable trip from Blackboard Production on Vimeo.

8-year-old wakeboard shredder Max Sitnikov checking out the best cable parks in the USA. Sick tricks by small kid! Filmed with our new RED EPIC DRAGON :))


Liquid Force Railbattle 2014 - RECAP from Burnside on Vimeo.

Video and 1st cam by: Sam Golbach
2nd cam by: Lennart van Schuilenburg
Drone by: GoPro

Music: PYRMDPLAZA - Mantralu and Lorde - Tennis Court (Flume Remix)



Diego Barragan Shaw 2013 from Geoff Fagien on Vimeo.

Filmed on
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Zeiss Planar T 50mm , canon 70-200, and lumix 14mm pancake
Canon 60D: canon 70-200
GoPro 3 Black and DJI Phantom


Date with a Cattle Gate from Wesley Mark Jacobsen on Vimeo.

Some Jibtopia Cattle Gate residue I found on my hard drive of myself, Oliver Breumlund, Clark Davis, and Niles Johnson. Enjoy


Welcome Aboard | Nick Dorsey from Humanoid Wakeboards on Vimeo.

After a progressive season on cable, winch and riding boat, along with some pretty heavy tricks and gnarly spots seen in this part, Nick was recently placed on the Humanoid team. “Welcome Aboard” features boat riding in the Okanagan, winching in South Florida, and cable at the infamous Windmill Lake.
Directed By: Taylor Hanley


Philipp Koch - Shreds at Geisenfeld from Philipp Koch on Vimeo.

Little edit from wake & groove Geisenfeld :)
Music by : Doktor vox-hero
Sponsors : Liquid Force , , wakeboarding Mannheim


Infinite-Winch-Session in Dabringhausen from Niklas D! on Vimeo.

Die Infinite-Camps bieten seit 8 Jahren Wakeboard-Camps im In- und Ausland an. Als besonderes Highlight für die Teilnehmer, findet dabei an jedem Camp eine Winch- oder Jetski-Session statt. Erstmalig fand jetzt eine öffentliche Winch-Session als eigenes Event statt: Die Infinite-Winch-Session im Freibad Dabringhausen.

Am Sonntagnachmittag den 14.09.2014 kamen gut 30 Wakeboarder und über 300 Zuschauer ins Freibad Dabringhausen. Das idyllisch gelegene Freibad in der Nähe von Köln, war dafür der ideale Spot. Die zwei Becken wurden mit einer Box, einem Rooftop und einem Kicker verbunden, so dass Fahrspaß auf knapp 100 Meter möglich war. Die Session war komplett kostenlos und jeder der es sich zutraute konnte das Setup shredden. Bei bestem Wetter und Freigetränken von Red Bull und Wulle Bier, wurde das Event zum absoluten Highlight. Das Fahrerfeld war absolut begeistert und geflasht von der einmaligen Möglichkeit, in solch einer Kulisse Wakeboard zu fahren.

Niklas Diede, der gerade vor allem auch das Fullmovieprojekt Roadtrippin pusht, hat dabei einen kleinen Clip erstellt, mit Hilfe von
Auf erfahrt ihr alle Infos über den aktuellen Stand des Projekts.

Damit die kostenlose Infinite-Session möglich war, geht ein großer Dank an
Slingshot, ION, Rixen Cableways und vor allem dem Förderverein des Dabringhausener Freibads.

Wie die Infinite-Crew bereits bekannt gab, war es sicherlich nicht die letzte Infinite-Winch-Session im Freibad Dabringhausen. Kommendes Jahr soll das Event wieder stattfinden, dann mit noch größerem Setup. Mehr Infos zu zukünftigen Events unter oder

Music by SHAD - The Old Prince Still Lives At Home


Lords Of Damazan from PLOY Edit on Vimeo.

Lords Of Damazan (W-Boyzs) est inspiré de “Lords Of Dogtown”.

Riders : Wes GUMPEL - Marc NEGRE - Hugo CHARBIT

Wakepark : TND

Original Soundtrack : Knob n’ Rolla - Born In The Woods / Elevator Music / Knob n’ Rolla - The Drop

Follow-us :

Ploy Edit :

Slot-B :

Knob n’ Rolla :



4 Air Tricks from Mark Griffin (Cheesydog) on Vimeo.

Quickie edit of 4 of my current favorite air tricks!


Laps 2.0 - Liverpool Wake Park #2 from on Vimeo.

So, we have finally got our shit together and made time to ride, film & edit. This season has been a crazy one in the UK with a host of events filling up the summer - Wakestock, RedBull Harbour Reach, Plastic Playgrounds, Boat and cable nationals, JBSKI night series, Grassroots tours, AOD’s, 3 stage jam, various demos, product days and the rest. Things are really on the up here and board sales are booming with help from a couple of good summer’s on the bounce, it’s safe to say the UK scene is thriving.

This aside we have 5 fresh new edits lined up over the next few weeks which will be released each Wednesday with more shoots planned as the season goes on and into autumn, now the boys have some free time.

The first one being:
Laps 2.0 - Liverpool Wake Park #2

Toby Yeo and James Hackney’s take some laps at their local spot.

Get out and enjoy the H2o whilst it’s still warm!

Stay tuned.

J 2 3


PERCEPTIONS - 2014 snowboard TEASER from Pirate Movie Production on Vimeo.


We are proud to present our latest snowboard film co-produced by Red Bull Media House and want to invite you to join the journeys of riders such as Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Kalle Ohlson, Sami Luhtanen, Manuel Diaz, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Fredrik Evensen, Maxim Balakhovskiy and Elias Elhardt around the globe, always on the hunt for the best snow, the biggest jumps, the gnarliest lines and the most unique features.

From the streets of Russia and Canada, to the mystical forests of Japan; from the steepest mountains of India and Alaska to the endless possibilities of the European Alps; to the spiritual slopes of Greenland, we not only captured the action but also the sense of traveling.

After the great success of „DISTORTED REALITY“ the goal was to maintain high production values but change the concept of your usual snow porn flick to a more pleasing and unforgettable snowboard viewing experience either in 4k on the big screen in cinemas or on your laptop screen.

watch the PERCEPTIONS teaser in 4k reolution here:

available on iTunes October 14th 2014

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Love Life: happy, free & stoked. WebTrailer from vanaisa on Vimeo.

In cinemas from November 2014

Produced by Kätlin Laiv

Additional filming by
Juhani Särglep, Andzei Matsukevits, Simon Thussbass, Hias Leinich, Tõnis Sildaru

Areal shots by

Sound design by Stig Rästa

Music by Kene

Narration written by Joel Pärle

Narrated by Steve Vanoni

Love Life logo by Priit Pärle

Riding by Siim Aunison, Mario Visnap, Ferdinand Winter, Kelly Sildaru, Joel Pärle, Henry Sildaru, Kristian Eding, Ott Kärson, Karl Pääru, Sebastian Fischer, Christoph Lindinger, Deyvid Oprja and brothas.

Supported by
Adidas, Surfhouse, GoPro

Obertauern, SkyCam, Levi, NAC, Nissan, Alpiexpress, Monterosa Ski, Ruka, Kinotehnik