Lars Holte -Hip-Notics 2014 from Lars Holte on Vimeo.

A edit from my trip to Hip-Notics Cable Park. I’d like to thank Baris and all the guys at Hip-Notics for a great time and the Norwegian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation for their support.

-Lars Holte


The Tremmels @ HOME from Bene Tremmel on Vimeo.

After a long and successful season, The Tremmels finally found a bit of time to get some filming done! Hope you like the outcome!


Edgar Piñol Summer Trip France 2014 from Raül on Vimeo.

2 friends, 18 days, and many kilometers for ride the best cableparks in france
TNG, TNM, TND and more

Filmed: Martin Freire
Edited: Raül Martinez Danot


Whats your favorite trick? episode 6 from Liquid Force on Vimeo.

Whats your favorite trick, cable edition.

Featuring Bob Soven, Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Felix Georgii, Collin Harrington, George Daniels, Aaron Gunn

Music: Man Man “Top Drawer”


Freddit Carter: FREDDIT from Hybrid Wake Mag on Vimeo.

Freddie Carter has been on fire this season and looking at this latest release, it’s set to continue. After taking the Harbour Project title at Glass Butter Beach, Freddie also reached the finals at Plastic Playground against some of the world’s best riders.

Easy style and a pocket full of bangers are what you can expect from the Liquid Leisure local.


Steven Haeusner Winter in Thailand 2014 from Steven Haeusner on Vimeo.

Beginning 2014 I spent a few weeks at ThaiWakePark in Thailand.
It was so amazing….can`t wait to go back
Big thanks for support :


Typhoon - Jacob Vinall | Union Wakeboarder from Union Wakeboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Typhoon - Follow Jacob Vinall through Thailand, Philippines and the Sunshine Coast while a literal storm of destruction blows the houses down. While on his recent journeys, Jacob had to wait it out while one of the most devastating Typhoons the area had seen blew overhead. This is what we got from him when he came back…


Pushin’ | Dylan Miller from Taylor Hanley on Vimeo.

After a year of dedicating all of Dylan’s time towards a video part, gruelling hours filming many winch spots, and countless efforts behind the boat and cable. This part displays Dylan’s perseverance, creativity on the water, and the way he see’s wakeboarding through his eye’s. We proudly present “Pushin’.”

Directed By: Taylor Hanley


Hyperlite PBJ - Full E Core Park Board from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

The PBJ is so smooth and tasty you can have it every day of the week. Slash, Slay and Play at its best.

A Cable Collective original, The PBJ offers a fresh shape constructed with Hyperlite’s E-Core technology delivering a durable park board for all ability levels. E-Core technology is a fully machined wood core fully wrapped with ABS sidewalls for impact protection and superior durability. The fully sintered enduro base provides a solid feel on features and the layered glass layup makes pressing an effortless endeavor. The BPJ is the thinnest board in the Cable Collective line greatly reducing swing weight for spinning making that 270 on to Back Lip a staple on your favorite features. Continuous Rocker creates a smooth riding deck and the diamond tip and tail shape gives you deeper ollie power on approach to any feature.

• Sintered Enduro Base
• 360 Degree ABS Sidewall
• 45 Degree Micro Edge Bevel
• Fully Machined E-Core
• Continuous Rocker
• Diamond Tip & Tail
• Flat base
• M6 Inserts


Nitro Snowboards Presents The Bad Seeds Teaser from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

Nitro Snowboards is proud to present The Bad Seeds, a snowboard video for all snowboarders.

This year, we have travelled around the world in search of good times with our best friends and only our snowboards to get us there. We rode in places like Salt Lake City, Montreal, Sweden, Russia, and even the Himalayas, but throughout this adventure, we realized that as long as we are strapped in, we are going to have a good time.

The Bad Seeds stands for a group of individuals who enjoy living a life outside the norm that society has set. They snowboard how they want, all day - everyday. The idea of this movie was to capture how these guys ride when they are together and just snowboarding for fun, not necessarily for capturing the best trick on the biggest feature. Snowboarders will always push themselves and amazing things happen, but there are also a lot of fun situations along the way.


Anna Gasser
Anton Bilare 
Anton Gun 
Austin Smith
Benny Urban
Brandon Hobush 
Bryan Fox 
Dominik Wagner
Eero Ettala
Elias Elhardt
Emil Ulsletten
Gjermund Braaten 
Griffin Siebert 
Justin Bennee
Justin Keniston
Knut Eliassen
Markus Keller
Marcus Kleveland
Marc Swoboda
Nils Arvidsson
Sam Taxwood
Sven Thorgren 
Shane Wright
Thomas Feurstein
Torgeir Bergrem

Pirmin Juffinger

Andi Aurhammer
Knut Eliassen

Pirmin Juffinger
Karsten Boysen

Karsten Boysen
Pirmin Juffinger

Karsten Boysen
Poorman Kiffinger

Valentin Boschi – Studio zwupp
Martin Gressl - Studio zwupp


Mia Feline

Robert Buechel – Jingle Jungle Zürich

Ivan Filipovic – Red Bull Media House

Daniela Gassert – Red Bull Media House
Andreas Aurhammer - Nitro Snowboards


Alemadom from Deniz Klarer on Vimeo.

Ein schöner Nachmittag mit Alex Aulbach , Dominik Gührs und Manuel Knott … Die Jungs sind in Sachen Style gut unterwegs …

Musik: Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine


@yomanueldiaz via Snowboarder Magazine


Liquid Leisure presents Plastic Playground and the Nautique London Night Jump from Nicholas Hine on Vimeo.

This is the official film for the first ever Plastic Playground and the Nautique London Night Jump held at Liquid Leisure.

Director: Nicholas Hine
Producer: Megan Fan
Filmed By: Joe Gough, Richard van Wyk, Trevor Donavan, Frazer Waller, Alex Mason.
Editor: Marco Ruffetti
Sound Recording: Rob Thomas
Graphics: Richie Hiney